Employees and salaries

Only a few employee files are still available or accessible. Since the home in Kohren-Sahlis was a children's home and not a maternity hospital, the focus was clearly on the upbringing and care of toddlers and not on medical care. The children's home was staffed, compared to urban children's homes well equipped.

More than eight different occupational groups were employed at the Lebensborn home in Kohren-Sahlis. Most represented were the sisters. If one compares the salaries of the employed sisters with the payments of their previous employers, a clearly above-average salary by Lebensborn e.V. is shown. The sisters were usually simple members of the "Reichsbund of German Sisters", NSV and DAF. The home director "Inspector Ullrich" received 380 Reichsmarks a month, the highest salary in the home and was under the SS administrative department Munich. The housemaids, the kitchen maids and the staff of the laundry room received relatively little wages at around 80 Reichsmarks. Seven preschool students completed their BDM compulsory service in Lebensbornheim Sonnenwiese in 1944/45. They received 25 Reichsmark as expense allowance. It is striking that in 1944/45 no doctor was hired. The doctor, as same as the staff from the sewing room, was only employed as needed.