History of Lebensborn e.V.


Lebensbornheime were often depicted as breeding-facilities or charity organizations. But this is wrong. Still they served the population- & race policies of the NSDAP. The Lebensborn (registered society) is an organization, which was founded on 12th December 1935 by Heinrich Himmler. The aims of the organization were raising the birthrate of aryan children, in order to increase the number of soldiers for the NS. This goal was achieved by creating Lebensbornheime, which would take care of the aryan children and their unmarried mothers. It is estimated, that in these homes approximately from 8.000–10.000 children were born. 1942 the NS regime began kidnapping children mainly from Norway, Poland, the Ukraine, Yugoslavia and the Czechoslovakia. Later these children were raised as “good” Germans, conclusive being adopted. In Germany  there were nine maternity homes and two children´s homes, for these, the SS was accounting for.


Lebensborn locations

History of Lebensborn "Sonnenwiese"