From the founding (1941/42) until the closing (1945) of the “Lebensbornheim Sonnenwiese” in Kohren-Sahlis

In Borna there was a retirement home in 1934, which due to coal mining had to be closed. For that reason it was bought by the “Braunkohle-Werke Borna” for 180.000 RM. This money was the foundation for building a new retirement home. On May the 20th 1939 the district administrator of Borna bought the property from the “Pfarrlehen Kohren-Sahlis” and the “Schützengilde Borna” for 27.599 RM.

After the start of the construction in July 1939, the first occupier moved into the house on the 8th July 1941. The construction cost 1,036,162 Reichsmark and there was room for 180 old and care dependent people which were victims of the T4 action later. The District Administrator of Borna sold the property with all the furnishings to the Lebensborn e.V. for 1 million RM on the 24th October 1941. The home was named ‘Sonnenwiese’ and only 4 weeks after the selling the first children moved in. The official opening was in November 1942 and the home had room for 170 children.

Most of the children were under three years old and the others up to six years old. About 30 nurses took care of the children. In the children’s home “Sonnenwiese” were children from Poland, Jugoslavia and Norway. Most of the children from foreign countries were from Norway - about 180-200 children came by plane to Germany in 1943/44. 150 of them were brought to Kohren-Sahlis. With the end of the war and the entry of the American troops the children’s home was dissolved and the children were given to foster families or they came to other children’s homes.